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The idea of presenting gifts to friends and loved-ones is as old as time itself. We want to show the people in our lives that we care for them and that we appreciate all of the things they do for us each day. Often times - we make the mistake of waiting for those major holidays to express our feelings, but, these are often the times when our feelings may get lost in all of the hustle and bustle of a large holiday.


If you want your friends and family to truly 'hear' what you are saying - to truly understand that your feelings are real and sincere - then you should give gifts when you choose - in those times when you just want to say thanks, or I appreciate you or I love you. I'm not sure who came up with the idea of holidays for expressing love or giving gifts, but, it would be a real shame if we limited ourselves to expressing these feelings to once a year.

A tradition that I have involves giving gift baskets. The wonderful thing about gift baskets is - you can customize the contents to say anything that you want. For example: you can put together a 'thank-you' basket filled with decorative and scented candles, a spa kit with body lotions, sea salts, and shower gels and a special figurine or token of your appreciation.

Or, an 'I love you' basket with a stuffed animal bearing a cupid heart, a glass rose, jewelry, scented candles and other tokens of affection that show your loved one that you truly treasure their love.

Another idea is to recognize the dates that are significant in someones life - such as graduations, anniversaries, or landing a great job - a basket filled with sports themed mugs and T-shirts, a decorative photo frame with a photo from the event, travel kit with a razor or a beauty kit with scented soaps and oils can truly express your happiness for them on their special day.

At CraftyTrends.com you can find any of the above contents along with beautiful wicker baskets that you can customize for your unique gift giving need. Most baskets are sold in a set - with multiple baskets. They will often be different sizes and this makes customizing those unique messages even easier.

You could use the small basket for a 'welcome to the neighborhood' gift, and the medium for a 'get well soon' basket and the large - you could fill with delights for that very special person in your life just to remind them how much you care for them. There are also baby gift baskets of course that celebrate the blessed event - these baskets come in blue or pink for boy or girl and have toys, rattles, brush, snack cups, bottles and lots of other baby friendly goodies.

A basket really is a great gift to receive - not only do they look beautiful when decorated and filled with goodies, but, when the goodies are all gone - the basket can be used to hold other more ordinary items. Some great ideas for baskets are for flower arrangements, table centerpieces, Entry-way table dressers, mantle place center pieces, placed on a dresser with commonly used items, placed on a bathroom vanity to hold toiletries, placed on shelves to act as organizers for many small items, by the back door to hold fresh fruit or other common items, in the sewing room to hold spools of thread or yarn, in the laundry room to hold common items - you're only limited by your imagination.

Baskets look great and can turn a mess into a masterpiece in no time at all. Remember this when your thinking of that special person in your life - it truly is a gift that keeps on giving - season after season - year after year. Each time they look at the basket they will remember the wonderful gifts and the person and thoughts behind the gift.

Article - (C)opyright 2013 - Chris Jenkins - www.CraftyTrends.com

Secrets of Making Your Home Truly Unique

In my last article we looked at using a home decor site to select items to design a truly custom home. Today I would like to revisit our friends over at craftytrends.com to find items that your family will enjoy in their special spaces. I think everyone has seen how often in a room a single design element or accessory can really set the tone of the room. A mantle with a large wooden ship, or A candle tree with multi-colored flickering candles, or a little side table with a unique lamp - any of these things highlight your style and announce to your visitors that you have vision for your home and you enjoy your spaces.
In that same tone - let's start in the entryway of your home - with the mental image of having a few friends over for dinner. Think of the first things someone sees and what they will notice when they first walk into your home. Will they see a drab empty space or a unique space with a hanging painting - just below that a slender table hugs the wall with several shelves filled with items that immediately spark conversations. "My what an interesting bronze figurine" - they'll say or "I love that little table - I'm sure it was very expensive". Either way, the conversation will turn to your decor and the ideas and experiences behind your choices. What will you reply - "oh, I got that piece because it was on sale" or "I just bought what everyone else was buying" - No, your home was designed according to your tastes and your families wishes, you have put time and effort into making an environment for your family that is truly unique.
As you walk into the Family room - imagine the side tables with unique lamps and possibly a couple of unique figurines or photo frames. Along the walls - you will have several hanging paintings or other wall decor and you mantel will be graced by a large centerpiece that draws the eye and announces to the visitor that this is indeed the center of this space. The conversation will turn to "how did you select that piece" or " I never would have thought about such a beautiful combination". Then on to the Kitchen and dining area as you offer your guest a drink poured from one of our gracious or uniquely themed tea sets and a cookie from a themed plate - it will seem as though each area of your home has been designed around the overall decor of your home. Each piece just seems to fit with the room and each room flows from one room to the next. It will be a memorable experience for your guest and something they will want to tell others about.
Don't forget your bedrooms and bathrooms - these are the most often forgotten rooms, yet, they tend to say more about a home than any of the more public areas. These spaces are truly personal spaces and should reflect the style and personality of each inhabitant. Imagine again what your guest will think when they enter your bathroom and find matching mirrors, shelves and tables - along with matching rugs and toiletries on your vanity. Again, the style has continued from space to space and room to room - anyone would have to be impressed. Then as they leave the bathroom they pass your bedroom with exquisite bedding, matching pillows, side tables, unique accent pieces and wall decorations. They will eagerly ask you to show them all of your unique rooms - they may even want to take notes for their own designs. When they ask where you got your ideas - don't be too coy - just point them to CraftyTrends.com and let them find their own unique inspirations.